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IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM LIPHATECH: The use of rodenticides in and around parks

The use of rodenticides in and around parks.

 This document is presented to offer guidance on the use of rodenticides. Rats and mice are vectors of dozens of diseases, some of them fatal. They are known to contaminate food, damage property and infrastructure, start fires, and result in significant expenditures. Therefore, it is important to remember that effective rodent control should be taken seriously and is necessary for the health and well-being of people, pets, wildlife, and agricultural animals.

When working in sensitive areas an applicator has to implement a full integrated approach to control infestations. The application of rodenticides can help facilitate a successful expedient reduction in rodent populations. These applications must not be random, but strategic placements in tamper resistant bait stations. The risk to any non-targets must be taken seriously and one way to protect non targets from exposure is increasing service frequency. Before any rodenticides are applied, a thorough understanding of the site will be needed. The applicator can first apply nontoxic bait to the secured bait stations. These nontoxic products will function as a monitoring system to understand where to place active rodenticides. The active rodenticide will need to be monitored and replenished if the stations are empty. The premise is to not only achieve feeding on the rodenticide, but also to protect non targets from accessing the rodenticides and feeding on carcasses. Not only will inspection of the stations be needed but there will have to be an initiative to remove any rodent carcasses that appear. Once the rodent population is reduced, the active rodenticides can be removed, and all other rodent control tools can be used to maintain control.

The use of rodenticides can be used in sensitive areas with minimal risk along with proper sanitation practices and correcting any conducive conditions that have facilitated to the rodent infestation.

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